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 Gramps 2.1.91 released.

The second beta release in the 2.1 series of GRAMPS, 2.1.91, has been released.

This is still a beta release in the unstable series, so please excercise the due caution: do not let this version loose on a single copy of your golden database.

That said, this release should be even more stable than the one before it. Please help us test it and improve it further. The bugs should be reported here (and we mean it!)

The plans for converting this unstable series to the final stable 2.2 release are as follows:

  • 2.1.91 2nd beta, this release
  • 2.1.95 3rd beta, string freeze and feature freeze
  • 2.1.99 release candidate, real hard freeze
  • This may be followed by another release candidate, depending on how the testing goes
  • 2.2.0 Stable release