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 Gramps 2.1.0 released.

It has been a long time in coming, but we have reached the point where we feel we can release the first, unstable version of GRAMPS 2.1. Please note that this, like all in the 2.1.X series, is an UNSTABLE release. It should not be used for normal use - continue to use the 2.0.X releases for this until we release the stable GRAMPS 2.2.

Before you attempt to use this, back up your databases. If you open a database with 2.1, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to read it in 2.0 again. Back up your data frequently to an XML file in case you encounter any problems. Save your data to an XML file before upgrading to any future 2.1 version (we may not provide an automatic upgrade between versions in the unstable branch).

Any bugs encountered with 2.1 should be reported to the bugtracker which is our new, more sophisticated and more powerful bug tracker (based on the Mantis bug tracking system). 2.0 bugs should continue to be posted to the sourceforge tracker.

Not all features are fully working. We still have debugging code in place. On the fly downloading of maps has been disabled. Translations are incomplete, and will remain so until the code becomes more stable. But after playing with it for a while, you will probably say, "Wow!"

We will try to release 2.1 snapshots periodically, possibly every two weeks. At this time, we will be releasing the code only in source form.

Brian Matherly (the newest member of the core team) has offered to post instructions on how to get the 2.1 release working under Windows. Please be aware that most of the development team is unable to provide help for this platform since they do not run and do not have access to this operating system. It also might be possible in the near future for the 2.1 release to run natively under OS X as well (since gtk is actively being ported to OS X). However, the same situation will apply to OS X as well.

If you would like to discuss the 2.1 release with the development team, join us on the #gramps IRC channel.