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 Gramps 2.0.7 released.

The GRAMPS project is proud to announce the 2.0.7 ("Romanes eunt domus") release of GRAMPS.

This release is primarily a bug fix release, but some new, optional functionality has been added. If you are running GNOME 2.10 or greater, and have the gnome-python-extras package installed, a spelling checker is available for all Notes.

Thumbnailing has also been improved. GRAMPS will now use thumbnailers associated with mime types to produce thumbnail images. So, if you have the "evince" PDF reader installed, thumbnails for PDF files will be generated. If "totem" is installed, thumbnails for video files will be generated.

A new Descendant Wall Chart report has been added, and this will eventually replace the Descendant Graph report. This report can scale a report to fit on the specified sheet of paper, and is not limited to three generations per page. In addition, the customization of the printed data has been improved. The text variable substitution has been improved. Before, if you specified:

born $b
died $d

The text substitution for a living person would produce:

Person Name
born XX/XX/XX

A new type of variable substitution has been added, using the '%' notation, which will remove the line if a string match is empty. In this case, the following:

born %b
died %d

Will produce:

Person Name
born XX/XX/XXX

Since the "died" line had an empty string substitution, the line was simply removed.

Version 2.0.7 -- the "Romanes eunt domus" release

  • Addition of a spelling checker if python-gnome-extras is installed
  • Thumbnails are generated for objects other than images if an appropriate thumbnailer is found the the GCONF database.
  • Enhances Descendant Chart report that allows better control over the formatting of the report
  • Added support for new %n format in addition to $n, which will cause the line to be removed if a text match is not made.
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes, and bug fixes.