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 Gramps 0.98.0 released.

Version 0.98.0 -- the "Round me off" release

  • More compliance with GNOME HIG.
  • New BookReport dialog layout.
  • People View uses a tree format instead of list format.
  • Captialization is done as a display format, not as a database modification.
  • New Advanced Relationship Graph report generator (Lorenzo Cappelletti).
  • Italian relationship calculator (Lorenzo Cappelletti).
  • When choosing parents, select the spouse of the first selected person to make picking a family quicker.
  • Instant preferences.
  • FreeBSD compatibility.
  • People and Relationships can now have sources not associated with any event.
  • Report options (paper size, orientation, style, and filter) are kept within the session.
  • Substantial speedups in updating display in tree views.
  • Children are enumerated in Family View.
  • ZODB backend is removed. Real database backend is being worked on and will appear in post-1.0 releases.
  • Tab labels in tabbed dialogs reflect the presence of data (boldface).
  • Help button available in most dialogs.
  • Keyboard navigation and functionality in Family View.
  • In Pedigree View, children are marked up differently in popup menus depending on whether they have children.
  • Bugfixes.