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 Gramps 0.9.4 released.

GRAMPS project is proud to announce the release 0.9.4 of GRAMPS, Genealogical Research and Analysis Management System. GRAMPS allows you to store, manage, import and export your genealogical data, perform research through a variety of tools, and build a variety of human-readable reports.

GRAMPS is written in python and uses GTK2/GNOME2 interface. The current "This used to bug me..." release is featuring the following improvements .

Version 0.9.4 -- the "This used to bug me..." release

  • More compliance with GNOME HIG.
  • Fixed style problems for book items.
  • New Book item: Custom Text.
  • New export plugin: Web Family Tree.
  • GEDCOM import and export fixes.
  • WebPage enchancement: mini-ancestor tree (Daryle C. Lewis).
  • Intelligent guessing of whether the person is alive.
  • Various Merge and Import fixes.
  • More privacy options for GEDCOM export.
  • New types of filter rules:
    • (1) Iterating over other filters;
    • (2) Specifying number of generations away for ancestors and descendants.
  • Preliminary support for printing copies of reports.
  • Performance improvements for list views.
  • Context menus in Family View upon right-click.
  • Relationship Graph improvements.
  • Proper saving of standard family relations, event types, and attributes.
  • New interface for adding/editing filter rules.
  • Configure/build improvements.
  • Removal of intl*.so and switching to Python's gettext.
  • Python2.3 compliance.
  • User can choose either the People or Family view as default
  • New icons for People and Family sidebar buttons.
  • History-based browser-style navigation tools:
    • (1) Back and Forward toolbad buttons;
    • (2) Go menu with Back, Forward, Home, and History items;
    • (3) History popups upon right-clicking on Back and Forward buttons;
    • (4) Context menus in the People, Family, and Pedigree Views.
  • User can choose between the usual (left to right) or alternative (top to bottom) Family View.
  • Support for graphics in Book Report.
  • Command line option for exporting to the Web Family Tree (-f wtf).
  • Dozens of bug fixes.