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 Gramps 0.6.0 released.

Version 0.6.0

This version is a significant upgrade. Version control, multiple sources, improved merging, and improved image/media files support have been added.

  • Support for QUAY, NCHI, and CAUS on GEDCOM import. GEDCOM import is significantly faster.
  • Support for multiple sources per item.
  • Support for revision control. RCS based revision control is available.
  • Confidence level moved to SourceReference instead of object.
  • All fields of birth and death events are editable. Clicking the Edit button brings up the event editor. Birth and death fields on the Edit Person dialog are now read only.
  • Support for unknown gender.
  • Central image/media repository added. All images in a gallery are references to these media objects. Media objects can have global properties (in the repository) or local properties (in each gallery).
  • Media types are beyond images are now supported (PDF, MP3, word processor documents, etc.)
  • Drag and drop of images from one gallery to another. Drag and drop from file managers into the gallery. Drag and drop from a web page to a gallery.
  • Drag and drop reordering of children in children lists.
  • Drag and drop reordering of images in a gallery.
  • Autocompletion support on most entry boxes with drop down menus.
  • Plugins can be reloaded without re-starting gramps.
  • Two people can be selected and directly merged from the main person list.
  • Two places can be selected and directly merged from the main place list.
  • The "Find and Merge" functionality has been improved to make it easier to find matches.
  • Web page generation is significantly faster.
  • Many plugins enhanced. Descendant browser can jump to an Edit Person display, Event Comparison can now save and load complex filters, etc.
  • User had significant more control over the format of the internal GRAMPS' ids. You can now set a prefix for each type (such as "I-" for individuals) or specify more powerful formatting using C-like format statements (such as "I-%04d").
  • Adoption relationships are visible on the pedigree view (seen as a dotted line).
  • Reordering GRAMPS' ids attempts to preserve the integer originally assigned to the object.
  • The person view can be sorted by GRAMPS id.
  • KWord format generated is now compatible with KWord 1.1. Images may now be included in KWord documents (requires Python Imaging Library). Tables are not working yet. I can figure out how to format a KWord table.