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 Gramps 0.3.0 released.

Version 0.3.0

This release focuses on improvements to the report generators. RTF has been added to allow for export to MSWord. Limited support for KWord and LaTeX has also been added.

User's can now define their own styles for a report. Do you want the title for your Ahnentafel report to be in a 32pt, blue, bold font? No problem. You can define as many styles as you would like for each report, and apply the style to any output format (OpenOffice, AbiWord, RTF, PDF, etc. - note: LaTeX, by its very nature, does not support user defined styles).

This is also the first release to feature a German translation. It's not complete (I added some features after Bernd finished the translation), but like the Swedish translation, it will get better with each release.

A lot of minor bugs have been fixed, including several in the GEDCOM importer. Hopefully, we are getting close to solving the Python 2.0/Python 1.52 problems. Let me know if there are any problems in this area.

There are a lot of minor features that have been added, such as allowing names to sources and notes and an optional display field that will show you which events have notes and sources, and several example databases (gramps and GEDCOM) which you can play with to try gramps out. (The examples are usually installed in /usr/share/gramps/examples, you will probably want to make a copy, sinces these are installed as read-only files).

Thanks to Bo Rosén, Shawn Ann Griffith, Bernd Schandl, Graham Williams, and everyone else who helped contribute to this release.

-- Don Allingham