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 Gramps 0.2.0 released.

Version 0.2.0

  • New GEDCOM importer. This new importer understands the GEDCOM file structure, and intelligently parses the file. More information is extracted from the GEDCOM file. Guessing the context of information is no longer done, so the data should go into the right place. The display dialog now displays useful and interesting information as the file is loaded. The importer has been checked with file generated Personal Ancestral File, Brother's Keeper, DISGEN, the GEDCOM Torture test, and even the sometimes strange output of Family Tree Maker.
  • Better support for sources. Source button on the main page, and sources are entered from the main screen, instead of being about five layers deep.
  • Events, sources, attributes, and addresses can now have both sources and notes.
  • Limited configurability in status bar display. Instead of just a name, you can have a name, the internal ID and a name, or a user selectable attribute and a name.
  • A user selectable attribute can be displayed on the Edit Person display along with the gramps internal ID. The attribute is specified in the preferences settings, and the value is taken from the person's attribute list.
  • Images now load faster. Thumbnail images are created and maintained by gramps, eliminating the need to rescale images everytime a gallery is displayed.
  • Paper size preference can now be specified in the preferences dialog. Once this is set, gramps will make this the default for report generators. Eventually, you will be able to do the same for output format preference. This button is current disabled.
  • Generating slightly better XML. Maintaining compatibility with the older files.