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 Gramps 0.1.2 released.
  • Allow the user the option to display alternate names in the person list. Alternate names in the list have an '*' appended to the end of the name.
  • Merge function now gives the user the option of saving the name of the merged individual as an alternate name if the names are not the same.
  • Added the "Alternate Birth" and "Alternate Death" to the event list, to allow other birthdates to be recorded. Gramps makes a distinction between the birthdate/deathdate and the alternates.
  • GEDCOM import and export adapted to load/save alternate birth and death dates. The first "BIRT" and "DEAT" tags are the ones used for the primary dates, the others are loaded as alternates.
  • Added the ability to store web page addresses for each person. From the edit person page, the "Go" button brings up a web browser to display the page.
  • Fixed a bug in the relationship calculator that caused a traceback when the person selected was a direct ancestor of the active person.
  • Added the suffix field to the alternate name entry on the Edit Person form.