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Reverted Edit to 5.0 user manual
The 5.0 user manual is not the same as the [ 5.1 user manual]. [[User:Patsyblefebre|Patsy B Lefebre]] ([[User talk:Patsyblefebre|talk]])
:Added the language templates to the 5.1 page but some other page redirects must be missing, because the [ Finnish index page] does show the language name of "suomi" at the top of the page. [[User:Patsyblefebre|Patsy B Lefebre]] ([[User talk:Patsyblefebre|talk]]) 22:17, 24 June 2022 (UTC) ::Needed a REDIRECT from the English titled Finish "fi" page to the "FI" prefixed Finish page, then you need to edit the Finish page at least once for the language template to update and show "suomi", clear as mud! [[User:Daleathan|Daleathan]] ([[User talk:Daleathan|talk]]) 00:26, 25 June 2022 (UTC)

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