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Addon:Graph View

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{{man warn|Feature is slow in larger Trees|The larger the number of people in the Family Tree, the longer the chart will take to appear.<br />e.g.: a test with about 7000 people took 10 minutes.</br>This can be adjusted by changing the number of generations to be shown.}}
[[File:Graph-View-addon-example-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Graph View - addon - In action showing both ancestors and descendant trees (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
'''Graph View''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} {{man label|[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Charts_Category|Charts]]}} category view addon that presents a navigable ancestors and descendant tree using the current active person as a starting point. Clicking another person in the family tree will make that person the active person and will redraw the family tree based on them. 
== Usage ==
* {{man button|Generations}} - setting to change the generations shown for Ancestor 3 generations by default and Descendants 10 generations by default.
* {{man button|Spacing}} - changes the vertical(5 default) and horizontal(2 default) spacing between the generations.
* {{man button|All connected}} - Show all connected persons limited by generation restrictions. Works slow, so don't set large generation values.( Limited to 1000 persons, if your family tree has more than that you get the {{man label|Incomplete graph}} warning and only the first 1000 connected persons are drawn.)
==== On main Gramps Toolbar ====
* {{bug|9806}} - Subprocess on [GraphView] can generate a memory issue
* {{bug|8054}} - Better label positioning in Graphview
* [ 8964: Enable filter on GraphView] Feature Request
* [ &#91;GraphView&#93; add custom avatars #459]<br />[ Themed avatar discussion]

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