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Installation folder: Provide examples of Gramps installation path.
That folder's location depends on whether the person doing the installation has administrative rights on the Windows machine. If an administrator installs it, the directory may be chosen. In that case, the default suggestion being <code>%ProgramFiles%\GrampsAIO</code> (for example <code>C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO</code>). If a non-administrator installs it, it will be placed in the user's personal workspace, in <code>%APPDATA%\GrampsAIO</code> (for example <code>C:\Documents and Settings\Jones\Application Data\GrampsAIO</code>).
So As an example, a user with administrator rights using GrampsAOI-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}_win64.exe installer and accepting the standard destination folder during installation, <code>C:\Program&nbsp;Files\GrampsAOI64-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}</code> would be the location for the Gramps executable. While not common, installing the 32-bit version of Gramps on a 64-bit OS, the path would be <code>C:\Program&nbsp;Files&nbsp;(x86)\GrampsAIO32-{{template:Version windows AIO32}}</code>. Finally, if you want chose to install Gramps in a non-standard directory, use that folder path instead instead. To use it from the console/terminal (dos/cmd.exe prompt), you must first go to the directory where those the dependencies were installed (<code>GrampsAIO\bin</code>); for example:

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