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Gramps Glossary

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[[File:Gramps Go-Home48x48 win.png|right]]
;<span id="home_person">Home Person</span>: (''core concept'') - The persistently designated '''Home Person''' is the foundational [[#person|Person]] in the Tree (the currently open Gramps database). This Person is the central target of genealogical research and family references extend from this center. Ideally, every person, event and source in the Tree will (however directly or indirectly) relate back to the '''Home Person'''.<br />By default, the database reports describe everything else in contextual relation to this person. The [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Main_Window#Status_Bar_and_Progress_Bar|Status Bar]], the [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#Quick_View|Quick View]] called "[[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_8#Relation_to_Home_Person|Relation to Home Person]]", and the Third party addon [[#gramplet|Gramplet]] called "[[Addon:Deep_Connections_Gramplet|Deep Connections]]" all describe different aspects of the relationship of the [[#active_person|Active Person]] to the '''Home Person'''.<br />You (or your client) are customarily designated ([[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Setting_Home_person|set]]) as the Home Person. And this ''Home'' designation serves as a persistent point of reference for the rest of the the Tree in Reports generally and for the Active Person in detail. But a different '''Home Person''' might be temporarily [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Setting_Home_person|set]] when generating reports or when researching a complex biography or obituary. <Br />Fascinating tidbits often lure Gramps researchers into wandering off-course. When the [[#active_person|Active Person]] has become lost, the bearings can be instantly regained by navigating the [[#active_person|Active Person]] selection back to the '''Home Person'''.<br /><small>Navigate to '''Home Person''' - ''keyboard shortcut''</small> {{man key press|Alt|Home}} or press the toolbar <!-- broken icon {{icon|thom}}-->[[File:Gramps_Go-Home48x48 win.png|text-bottom|20px]]{{man button|Home}} button. <br />The custom filter rule for finding the '''Home Person''' is in a People category filter under the General filters and was named 'Default person' until the 5.1 version.

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