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Gramps Glossary

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;<span id="file_format">File formats</span>:
: Repackaging File formats repackage the Tree database information for archiving, data exchange with other software or display.: : '''[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Importing_data|Import ]] formats:''' GRAMPS v2.x database (obsolete) <code>.grdb</code>, Comma Separated Values <code>.csv</code>, GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) <code>.ged</code>, GeneWeb <code>.gw</code>, Pro-Gen <code>.def</code>, vCard (virtual contact card) <code>.vcf</code>, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) <code>.json</code>, SQLite <code>.sql</code>: : '''[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Exporting_data|Export ]] formats: ''' Gramps native XML format (compressed & uncompressed variants) <code>.gramps</code>, Gramps Package (Gramps XML plus media) <code>.gpkg</code>, GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) <code>.ged</code>, GeneWeb <code>.gw</code>, Web Family Tree (a GEDCOM variant) <code>.ged</code>, vCalendar <code>.ics</code>, vCard (virtual contact card) <code>.vcf</code>  :: [[Output_formats|'''Output formats''']] including: Comma Separated Values <code>.csv</code>, Data-Driven Documents (D3) <code><code>.d3</code></code>, Graphviz graph description language <code>.dot</code>, Hypertext Markup Language <code>.html .htm</code>, LaTeX <code>.tex</code>, Open Document Text <code>.odt</code>, Portable Document Format <code>.pdf</code>, Plain Text <code>.txt</code>, PostScript <code>.ps</code>, Print (hardcopy), Rich Text Format <code>.rtf</code>, Scalable Vector Graphics <code>.svg</code>, vCard (virtual business contact card) <code>.vcf</code>, Extensible Markup Language <code>.xml</code>
;<span id="filter">Filter</span>:

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