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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Preface

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Gramps is software package (packaged for several [ operating system] computer environments and [[Portal:Translators#status|languages]]) designed for genealogical research. Although similar to other genealogical programs, Gramps offers some unique and features which we'll discuss below.
Gramps is an [ Free and Open -Source software packageSoftware (FOSS)], which means you are free to make copies , to customize the code, and to distribute it to anyone you like. It's is developed and maintained by a worldwide team of volunteers whose goal is to make Gramps powerful, yet easy to use.
<onlyinclude>In this book, some words are marked with special typography:
* [[Write_a_%22How_Do_I...%22_Article#Create_a_page|Internal links]] (aka: hotlinks, hyperlinks) mark terminology or procedures that are explained more completely elsewhere (on the same webpage or on another webpage) internally within the Gramps-Project wiki.
* [ External links] mark terminology that is not specific to Gramps where well-defined explanations can be found on a website external to the Gramps-Project wiki.
*[[File:RadioButton_Deselected.png|21px]] - Radio button that is &#128280; deselected
* Abbreviated [[Genealogy_Glossary#latin|Latin notations]]: <abbr title="exempli gratia - Latin phrase meaning 'for example'">e.g.</abbr>, <abbr title="et cetera - Latin phrase meaning 'and so on'">etc.</abbr>, <abbr title="id est - Latin phrase meaning 'that is'">i.e.</abbr>, <abbr title="nota bene (singular), notate bene (plural) - Latin phrase meaning 'note well'">N.B.</abbr>, <abbr title="post scriptum - Latin phrase meaning 'postscript - after what has been written'">P.S.</abbr>, <abbr title="videlicet - Latin phrase meaning 'namely'; 'to wit'; 'precisely'; 'that is to say'">viz.</abbr>, <abbr title="versus - Latin phrase meaning 'against'">vs,</abbr>
The manual also provides assorted bits of additional information in tips and notes as follows:

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