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===<u>Erzählende Website</u>===
{{man warn|{{man menu|Do you really want to use the entire Family Tree databaseMöchtest du wirklich die gesamte Stammbaum-Datenbank nutzen?}}|Be aware that if you select the Beachte, dass bei Auswahl der Filteroption '''Entire DatabaseGesamte Datenbank''' filter option for your Family Tree database that a large number of files will be generated für deine Stammbaum-Datenbank eine große Anzahl von Dateien erzeugt wird (depending on the size of your Family Tree databaseabhängig von der Größe deiner Stammbaum-Datenbank). It is recommended to start with a smaller filter Es wird empfohlen, mit einem kleineren Filter zu beginnen (for examplez.B.: ancestors of a certain personVorfahren einer bestimmten Person) to simplify the output while you learn about the Narrated Web Site Report, um die Ausgabe zu vereinfachen, während du dich mit dem Erzählten Website-Bericht vertraut machst.}}
[[File:NarratedWebSite-WebPages-Individuals-page-example-50.png|right|450px|thumb|Abb. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Narrated Web Site Erzählende Website - Web Pages Webseiten - Individuals page Personenseite - Standard- default HTML output - exampleAusgabe - Beispiel]]
The Narrated Web Site report generates a web site (that is, a set of linked web pages), for a set of selected individuals and provides the user with options that allow a wide range of customization. You can run this report via the menu {{man menu|Reports-->Web Pages-->Narrated Web Site...}}.
The Narrated Web Site report creates pages that closely follow the World Wide Web Consortium&#8217;s Recommendations for XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 1. These recommendations include a separation of content from presentation. Due to this practice, the style and appearance of the new web pages can be completely controlled from one CSS stylesheet without altering individual pages.
Introduction pages can be added to provide additional informationEinführungsseiten können hinzugefügt werden, such as a family historyum zusätzliche Informationen bereitzustellen, z.B. eine Familiengeschichte.
Genealogy records can generate a lot of files. Many web servers have a difficult time with a large number of files in a single directory. The Narrated Web report strives to keep the number of files per directory to a manageable level. To do this, a hierarchy of directories is created. The generated file names are not intuitive, but are unique for each person. Subsequent runs will generate identical file names, making it easy to update specific files.

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