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Addon:Graph View

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{{Third-party plugin}}
{{man warn|Feature is slow in larger Trees|The larger the number of people in the Family Tree|The , the longer the chart will take to appear eg.<br />e.g.: a test with about 7000 people takes took 10 minutes.}}{{man note|Some options only appear in newer versions </br>This can be adjusted by changing the number of Gramps 5.xgenerations to be shown.x}}
[[File:Graph-View-addon-example-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Graph View - addon - In action showing both ancestors and descendant trees (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
'''Graph View''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} {{man label|[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Charts_Category|Charts]]}} category view addon that presents a navigable ancestors and descendant tree using the current active person as a starting point. Clicking another person in the family tree will make that person the active person and will redraw the family tree based on them. 
== Usage ==
* {{man button|'''⏎''' (Go to active person)}}
* {{man button|Go to bookmark}} button - Center view on selected bookmark - also shows "Bookmarks for current graph:" (who are being display) and "Other Bookmarks:" (who are not being displayed) - along with two buttons to "Add active person" to bookmarks and "Edit" the bookmarks.
* {{man button|🔍 Search...}} - typing shows "Persons from current graph:" (who are being display) and "Other persons from the database:" (who are not being displayed) as well as any saved bookmarks. You can use <{{man button|Ctrl+F> }} to make search entry active.
* {{man button|Generations}} - setting to change the generations shown for Ancestor 3 generations by default and Descendants 10 generations by default.
* {{man button|Spacing}} - changes the vertical(5 default) and horizontal(2 default) spacing between the generations.
* {{man button|All connected}} - Show all connected persons limited by generation restrictions. Works slow, so don't set large generation values. ( Limited to 1000 persons, if your family tree has more than that you get the {{man label|Incomplete graph}} warning and only the first 1000 connected persons are drawn.)
==== On main Gramps Toolbar ====
On the main Gramps Toolbar you also have:
* {{man button|'''⎙'''(Print)}} button that does not print but instead allows you to save the currently displayed Graph into a dot format file for a later printing. This will save a .gv file and a svg file. You must select a .gv file. ([ Gramps Print -SVG does not show photo])
* {{man button|* (Configure Options)}} button with option shown in the next section.
[[File:Graph View Empty context menu.png|thumb|450px|Right click menu shown when selecting an empty section of the chart.]]
Right-click an empty section of the Graph View to offer the following display options:
* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Show images}} - Display thumbnails or avatars* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Highlight the home person}} - set the background of the Home Person to green* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show full dates}} - format the birth and death date as only the year or as the complete date* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show places}} - show or hide birth and death places* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show tags}} - show color markers on tagged Persons and Families* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Show animation}} - after redraws, wiggle the Active Person to draw focus
* {{man label|Lines type}} - choose the style of lines connecting People and Families
* [ PyGoocanvas] (Gramps3) or [ Goocanvas2 or gir1.2-goocanvas] (Gramps4)
* [ Goocanvas]
=== Windows ===
These are already installed if you are using the Gramps All In One installer eg: GrampsAIOxxxxx.exe
=== Linux ===
== Issues ==
You can see related issues at [ bug tracker].
* {{bug|8054#c44291}} - print options.
* {{bug|9806}} - Subprocess on [GraphView] can generate a memory issue
* {{bug|8054}} - Better label positioning in Graphview
* [ 8964: Enable filter on GraphView] Feature Request
* [ &#91;GraphView&#93; add custom avatars #459]<br />[ Themed avatar discussion]
==See also==
* [[Addon:AvatarGenerator]] - allows you to add and remove one or several images for a selected set of filtered people.

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