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Linux Genealogy CD: this is why :)
Please have a look at the code in [[Poll]] and [[News]] if the inclusion is clear to you, as I think you or Don will make new polls or news. The intention should be to move items out of the inclusion area denoted by <nowiki><section ...></nowiki> as they grow old, but leave them on the original page for archive reasons.
== old links ==
Alex, old links on
They refer to database api, but I have not used that page yet, nor written a relcalc.
==Linux Genealogy CD==
Hi Alex,
Do you have any plans to update the [[Talk:Linux_Genealogy_CD|Live CD]]?
Maybe add java, so other Free software can go on Live CD? ( See the following news about Ubuntu 9.04 and Java [] )
Thank you
[[User:Dm1407|Dm1407]] 07:01, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

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