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== Onboarding Survey ==
Help us improve! We want to make it easier to become a productive member of the Gramps community. And, as a new account holder, your first impressions are important.
You recently requested a new account to allow editting of the Gramps online documentation. ''(Did you know that was what the account was for? Or did you think it was needed to download the program? Or to get access to the documentation? Or to use one of the support or development resources?)''
Did the welcome message help you get started?
Maybe some of the following introductory pages for new Gramps WikiContributors would have been more helpful?:
* [[:Help:Contents|Gramps WikiContributor help]]
* [[:Help:Editing_pages|Editing existing pages]]
* [[:Help:Starting_a_new_page|Starting a new page]]
* [[Write_a_%22How_Do_I...%22_Article|Writing a “How Do I…?” article]]
* [[Translating_the_Gramps_User_manual|Translating a page to another language]]
Use the '''Edit''' tab on this '''Talk''' page to give your feedback.

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