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Addon:Database Differences Report

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==Issues==* help button doses not come here. =Limitations=Limitations==
The Database Differences Report is focused on the principle elements of the Database.
Also note that some of the 'metadata' would be difficult to compare because they are not stored in the XML files, but rather in the Gramps initialization files.
===Note regarding older backup files===
In the past Gramps allowed data to be input in ways that are no longer allowed. When you import an older backup file, many of these issues are silently corrected for you. For example, Gramps used to allow leading and trailing spaces in name fields. Gramps now removes the leading and trailing white space when the data is entered.
* {{bug|2623}}: Import Export Merge (GEPS 009) comment: [ ''...A Database Differences Report has been added to gramps35/trunk (marked as 3.5):..One can now see the raw differences between an exported file and the current DB...'']
* [ (Gramps-devel)Towards database syncing], From: Doug Blank - 2013-01-13 17:16:25, ''...allows a mostly complete comparison between the current database and a Gramps XML file...''
* help button doses not come here.

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