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What is it For?
The addon compares all the media 'pathname' values, converting them internally to a common format for comparison.
For Windows users, differences in capitalization on the path are ignored, as are differences in the path separators '''"<code>\</code>"''' vs. '''"<code>/</code>"'''.
For all users paths that are relative (using {{man menu|Edit -> Preferences -> Base path for relative media paths}}) are also compared to absolute paths or paths relative to your home directory.
For all users, paths that contain '''"<code>../</code>"''' forms are also properly collapsed during the comparison.
All of the above allows the addon to find variations that actually point to the same file.
The addon will NOT find variations that include 'links'.
The addon will NOT find 'UNC' style paths that have been assigned to drive letters (Windows users). For example, if '''"<code>\\MyPC\d</code>"''' is assigned to the drive letter '''"<code>D:</code>"''', and files are entered each way, they will not be matched and merged.
When merges are done, the media with the shortest pathname is kept.
If pathnames have equal length, then the one with the lowest 'ID' is kept.
== See also==
* The builtin {{man label|[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Tools#Media_Manager|Media Manager]]}} which is group of four separate tools that allows you to do the following:

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