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{{man warn|View omits Places without coordinates|Note that, as all [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Geography_Category|Geography View]] modes, ONLY the Places with a defined [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#Supported_longitude.2Flatitude_formats|Longitude & Latitude]] will be plotted.}}
[[File:GeographyViewAncestorsMap-51.png|thumb|right|450px|Ancestors Map Geography view]]
This [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Geography_Category|Geography Category]] add-on addon view mode plots tagged pins on a Map at the Places associated with Ancestors of the [[Gramps_Glossary#home_person|Home Person]].
'''Ancestors Map''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} {{man label|Geography}} category view addon that overlays pins for certain known Places on downloaded Map tiles.

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