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[[File:GeographyViewAncestorsMap-51.png|thumb|right|450px|Ancestors Map Geography view]]
'''Ancestors Map Geography''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} {{man label|Geography}} category view addon that maps family tree in the form of a grid. This map add-on plots Places associated with Ancestors of the [[Gramps_Glossary#home_person|Home Person]].
Serge Noiraud posted an "Ancestors Map" View add-on. This
Each map pin has a pop-up listing the Events & People at that Place.) Change the designated Home Person to map a different set of Ancestors.
== Usage ==
== Troubleshooting ==
You can set up a multi-stage of filter that show only Places for Ancestors & configure the Places view to show the Longitude & Latitude. This will tell you how many of Ancestor related Places will be omitted from being map plotted.
For this multi-stage custom filter, I create the following Cascade of custom filters:
1) Person custom Filter "ActivePerson" using the "Active Person" add-on rule. (New incredibly useful add-on Rule. It makes Filters MUCH more dynamic. Thanks Paul!)
2) Person custom Filter "ActiveAncestors" using Ancestral filter "Ancestors of <filter> match"; filter=ActivePerson {You might add a 2nd rule to include the Active person where "At least one rule must apply". Otherwise, the Events & Places of the Active Person might be omitted}
3) Places custom Filter "ActiveAncestorEvents" using General filter "Events of persons matching the <person filter>"; person filter=ActiveAncestors
4) Places custom Filter "ActiveAncestorEventPlaces" using General filter "Places of events matching the <event filter>"; event filter=ActiveAncestorEvents
From the {{icon|ance}} {{man label|Charts}} category view select the '''Quilt Chart''' icon or select {{man menu|View > Quilt Chart}} from the menu.
== See also ==
*Feature documentation:[[Start_with_Genealogy|Start with Genealogy]]
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