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Addon:Calculate Estimated Dates

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{{languages|Calculate_Estimated_DatesAddon:Calculate Estimated Dates}}
{{Third-party plugin}}
[[File:CalculateEstimatedDates-addon-Help-tab-defaults-51.png|right|thumb|300px|Calculate Estimated Dates - Help( tab ) Initial window on start.]]
You will be presented with the '''Calculate Estimated Dates''' tool window. This window initially has two tabs:
* {{man label|[[Calculate_Estimated_DatesAddon:Calculate Estimated Dates#Options|Options]]}} tab and the * {{man label|[[Calculate_Estimated_DatesAddon:Calculate Estimated Dates#Help|Help]]}} tab that is displayed with the following instructions.
To use
# Go to the {{man label|[[Calculate_Estimated_DatesAddon:Calculate Estimated Dates#Options|Options]]}} tab
# Check the [ ] Remove option to remove previous estimates
# Select the ''Add date options'' to date events with or without dates
# Click on {{man button|Execute}}
# {{man label|[[Calculate_Estimated_DatesAddon:Calculate Estimated Dates#Select|Select]]}} the people with which to add events
# Click on {{man button|Add Selected Events}} button to create
**Extremes(after and before)
==See also==
* [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Dates]] for Date settings used for calculation operations to determine if a person is probably alive.
* [ I don't know the exact date to enter into Family Tree] - If you do not know an exact date, you can either enter as much of the date as you know or estimate a year based on other information., -
* [ Estimating dates and ages in genealogical writing], New York Genealogical & Biographical Society
== Issues ==
* {{bug|7898}} Crash during "Calculated Estimated Dates" gramplet
* {{bug|9147}} Add Option to not Calculate Estimated Dates for baptisms and burials
* {{bug|10916}} [Calculate Estimated Dates]calculate missing dates (gramps.gen.errors.HandleError: Handle dc180da6bcdabed19c463c555b not found)
Used to be {{man note|Note that {{man label|Calculate Estimated Dates}} was originally builtin to /part of Gramps 3.1|see [[Gramps_3.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Tools#Calculate_Estimated_Dates]]}}
See also [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Dates]] for Date settings used for calculation operations.

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