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Addon:Calculate Estimated Dates

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*{{man label|Source text:}} in this {{man label|text field}} you can fill in the text that will be used in the source reference. Default value is: ''Calculated Date Estimates''.
**Remove previously added events, notes, and source: Check box (unchecked by default)
*{{man label|Birth: }} drop down list.
**Do not add birth events (default)
**Add birth events without dates
**Add birth events with dates
*{{man label|Death:}}
**Do not add death events (default)
**Add death events without dates
**Add death events with dates
* {{man label|Maximum age: }} '''110'''(default)* {{man label|Maximum sibling age difference: }} '''20'''(default)* {{man label|Average years between generations: }} '''20'''(default)* {{man label|Estimated Dates:}}
**Extremes(after and before)

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