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Addon:Calculate Estimated Dates

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*{{man label|Filter Person:}} the Active Person is listed in this field, and is changeable for all filters except the '''Entire database'''filter. To change the Filter person click on the {{man button|Select a different person}} icon to bring up a {{man label|Select a person for the report}} window.
: The '''Select a person for the report''' window shows a list of people you can choose from. Use the {{man button|down}} arrow or the {{man button|>}} arrow to expand and collapse the nodes. In the table you will see for which persons no birth or death date is available. On the lower left hand side corner there is a {{man label|Show all}} tick box, that when selected will show all people in the database.
*{{man label|Source text:}} in this {{man label|text field}} you can fill in the text that will be used in the source reference. Default value is: ''Calculated Date Estimates''.

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