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Addon:Calculate Estimated Dates

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[[File:CalculateEstimatedDates-addon-Options-tab-defaults-50.png|right|thumb|450px|Calculate Estimated Dates - Options( tab - defaults)]]
*{{man label|Filter:}} in the drop down menu you can select which portion of the database will be processed: you can also select the ** '''Entire database'''(default), ** '''Descendants''' of the Active Person, ** '''Descendant families''' of the Active Person, ** '''Ancestors''' of the Active Person, ** '''People with common ancestor''' with the Active Person, ** or any '''custom filter''' (see custom made filters).
*{{man label|Filter Person:}} the Active Person is listed in this field, and is changeable for all filters except the '''Entire database'''filter. To change the Filter person click on the {{man button|Select a different person}} icon to bring up a {{man label|Select a person for the report}} window.

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