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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 7

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Genealogy records can generate a lot of files. Many web servers have a difficult time with a large number of files in a single directory. The Narrated Web report strives to keep the number of files per directory to a manageable level. To do this, a hierarchy of directories is created. The generated file names are not intuitive, but are unique for each person. Subsequent runs will generate identical file names, making it easy to update specific files.
<span id="HTML Code">'''HTML Code type Notes'''</span>
''In this subsection, the word '''tag''' does not refer to Gramps marker tags but instead refer to HTML formatting tags!''
Notes set to the '''HTML Code''' [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#note_type|type]] will be inserted under the object to which they are attached. This allows special
The HTML chunks must be well-formed, with all tags properly closed, to avoid conflicts with the rest of the webpage generated by the report. Only insert tags in a '''HTML Code'''-type Note that would normally be contained within the body of a HTML document.
The following tags will always be ignored:
<code>html</code>, <code>meta</code>, <code>doctype</code>, <code>head</code>, <code>meta</code>, <code>title</code>, <code>link</code>, <code>script</code>, <code>body</code>
all other tags will be available :
<code>i</code>, <code>a</code>, <code>p</code>, <code>ol</code>, <code>ul</code>, <code>div</code>, <code>h1</code>-<code>h7</code>, <code>button</code>, <code>svg</code>, <code>table</code>, <code>tr</code>, <code>td</code>, …
{{man warn|1=Generating Pages...|2=When you select the {{man button|OK}} button, the generation of the web pages will start. So first check all options on the each of the dialog tabs}}
[[File:NarratedWebSite-WebPages-HtmlOptions-tab-51.png|right|450px|thumb|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Narrated Web Site - Web Pages - Html options - tab default options]]
* {{man label|File extension:}} The file extension to be used for the web files. Choose between ** '''.html'''(defaultDefault)/** .htm/** .shtml/** .php/** .php3/** .cgi
* {{man label|Copyright:}} ('''Standard copyright''' default) When creating a public a web site it is important to specify the copyright conditions under which you are publishing your data. International copyright law reserves all rights of your data to your discretion. You own the data and individuals must have your permission if they wish to reuse that data. In genealogical research sharing data with other researchers is a common practice. Other options include the Creative Commons licenses, offering a wide range of use restrictions or none at all. Learn more about the Creative Commons at
* {{man label|Stylesheet:}} Gramps provides seven built in style sheets for you to choose from to determine the appearance or your web pages. Choose between '''Basic''' (Ash, Blue, Cypress, Lilac, Peach or Spruce color schemes), '''Mainz''', or '''Nebraska''' styles. There is also the option of not including a stylesheet ('''No style sheet'''). Regardless of the style you choose, the style sheet can be found in ''<code>css/narrative-screen.css</code>''. You may edit this file to further customize the appearance of your web pages. If you make modifications to your style sheet be aware that regenerating your pages with the same output destination will overwrite your custom style sheet. To preserve your custom style sheet through subsequent web page updates select {{man label|No style sheet}}. If you want your own stylesheet, you can copy one of the existing stylesheet in ''$HOME/.gramps/css/''. This directory doesn't exist. You must create it before copying your future stylesheet. Change its name. If you ask for a new report, this new stylesheet will be added to the list of preexisting stylesheets.
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include ancestor's tree}}: Checking this box will include an ancestor graph on each individual&#8217;s detail page if they have defined ancestors in your database. (checkbox checked by default) ( Note: [[Narrated Website Ancestry Tree Design Notes|Creates a compact Ancestry trees using Buchheim/Walker algorithm]])
** You can change the number of generations shown from the {{man label|Display}} tabs ''[[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_7#Display|Graph generations:]]'' option.
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Add previous/next }} (checkbox unchecked by default) - adds links to the navigation bar.* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|This is a secure site (https) }} (checkbox unchecked by default)
The ''Page Generation'' tab provides options for creation of commonly expected supplemental webpages & annotations common to all webpages throughout the generated website.
The first options are used to control generation of three supplemental pages: '''Home''' ([ Home] webpage), '''Introduction''' ([ FAQ] or [ About Us] webpage) and '''Publisher Contact''' ([ Contact Us] webpage).
Each of supplemental pages may be assigned a specific [[Gramps_Glossary#media|Media]] or [[Gramps_Glossary#note|Note]] item. By default, no content (neither media nor text from a Note) is assigned to these pages.
[[File:NarrativeWeb-Media-tab-ImageReferenceRegions-example-50.png|right|thumb|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Example of
[[How_to_create_image_reference_regions|image reference regions]] - Media tab of HTML output for "Narrative Web" Report]]
* {{man label|Character set encoding:}} The encoding to be used for the web files.
** '''Unicode UTF-8 (recommended)''' (Default)
** ISO-8859-1''- [ ISO/IEC character set standard:] Part 1 (Latin 1: Western European)''
** ISO-8859-2
** ISO-8859-3
** ISO-8859-14
** ISO-8859-15
** koi8_r''- [ Kod Obmena Informatsiey, 8 bit ("Code for Information Exchange - 8 bit")'']
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include link to active person on every page}}: (If they have a webpage) (checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include a column for birth dates on the index pages}}(checkbox checked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include sources pages}}(checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include repository pages}}(checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include GENDEX file (/gendex.txt)}}. This option creates a GENDEX file placed at the top of the website. You can see sites which support this format and read more about it at the [ GENDEX Wikipedia article].)(checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include address book pages}}(checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Include the statistics page}}(checkbox unchecked by default)
[[File:NarratedWebSite-WebPages-OtherInclusionCMSWebCalendarPhp-tab-50.png|right|450px|thumb|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Narrated Web Site - Web Pages - Other inclusion (CMS, Web Calendar, Php) - tab default options]]
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Do we include these pages in a cms web?}} (Checkbox unchecked by default)
** {{man label|URI:}} <code>/NAVWEB</code> (default) - Where do you place your website ?
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Do we include the web calendar?}} (Checkbox unchecked by default)
** {{man label|URI:}} <code>/WEBCAL</code> (default) - Where do you place your website ?
====Dialog tabs====
The Web Calendar report dialog window {{man label|Narrated Web SiteCalendar}} has five tabs each are reviewed below.
=====Report Options=====
[[File:WebCalendar-WebPages-ReportOptions2-tab-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Web Calendar - Web Pages - Report Options (2) - tab default options]]
* {{man label|Name formatFormat:}} - Select the format to display the names. Choose This choice in normally taken from the default setting in [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Display|Edit > Display]] tab for {{man label|Name format:}}. Or to override that setting for the report choose from :** '''Default''' - (in a new Family Tree this is normally ''Surname, Given Suffix'''(default) / ** Surname, Given Suffix ** Given Surname Suffix / ** Given / ** Main Surnames, Given Patronymic Suffix / ** SURNAME, Given (Common)* {{checkbox|}} {{man label|Include data marked private}} (checkbox unchecked by default)* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include only living people}} (checkbox checked by default)* {{man label|Translation:}} The translation to be used for the report. Language selector showing all languages supported by Gramps. Defaults to the language you are using Gramps in.* {{man label|Date format:}} The format and language for dates, with examples** Default - Choose this option to use the default set in [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Display|Edit > Display]] tab for {{stubman label|Date format:}}option.** '''YYYY-MM-DD(ISO)(2018-03-14)''' (default for report)** Numerical(14/3/2018)** Month Day, Year(March 14, 2018)** MON DAY, YEAR(Mar 14, 2018)** Day Month Year(14 March 2018)** DAY MON YEAR(14 Mar 2018)
** Wives use husband's surname (from last family listed)
* {{man label|Home link:}} ('''<code>../../Family Tree 1_NAVWEB/index.html</code>''' default) The link to be included to direct the user to main page of the web site.
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include birthdays}} (checkbox checked by default)
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include anniversaries}} (checkbox checked by default)
** ISO-8859-15
** koi8_r
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Create "Year At A Glance" Calendar}} (checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Create one day event pages for Year At A Glance Calendar}} (checkbox unchecked by default)
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include birthdays}} (checkbox checked by default)
* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include anniversaries}} (checkbox checked by default)
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Link to Narrated Web Report}} (checkbox unchecked by default)
** {{man label|Link prefix:}} '''<code>../../Family Tree 1_NAVWEB/</code>''' A Prefix on the links to take you to Narrated Web Report.

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