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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - User Directory

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This appendix provides the reference to the '''Gramps user directory''' available on various operating systems.
{{man note|Note|The location of your '''Gramps user directory''' depends on the operating system you are using and how you have set up your computer. <br />In the table below '''''<code><~username></code> ''''' should be replaced by the name you use to log in to your computer.}}
The default user directory location for Gramps in a [ POSIX]-style [ environment] is:
This is true for [ BSD], [ Linux], [ Solaris], [ Unix] and [ Mac OS-X] when using [[Build_from_source#Mac_OS_X|Mac OS X Build from source]].
Alternately, you can leverage the '''$Home''' [ Home directory equivalent] to avoid dealing the complications of active user names. Although Gramps will not recognize directory equivalents for paths internally, you can use them within Linux to find Gramps user files. The '''Gramps user directory''' path above is simplified to:
=== Mac OS X ===
The default location for the [[Mac OS X:Application package]] is
/Users/'''''<~username>'''''/Library/Application Support/gramps
== MS Windows ==
[[File:windows_180x160.png|right|128px|link=Download#MS_Windows]]On Microsoft Windows, filenames and folder for programs and userdata do not show up are [ hidden] in the ''File Explorer''. To make access to the Gramps user directory easy follow the following advice from Microsoft:
* [ Show hidden files - Windows Help]
The default location for an installation on a Windows 7 (and higher newer) system is
C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64-5.X.X
The default location for any Gramps user data on a Windows 7 (and higher newer) system is

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