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Note themed avatar enhancement
{{Third-party plugin}}
[[File:AvatarGeneratorTool-Before-and-After-example.gif|thumb|right|450px|Before and After Example from [[Graph View|Graph View addon]] after using Avatar Generator Tool]]The '''{{man label|Avatar Generator Tool''' }} allows you to add and remove one or several images for a selected set of filtered people.{{-}}
Once this plugin addon has been installed:
* Select Menu {{man menu|Tools > Family Tree Processing -> Avatar Generator Tool...}}
[[File:AvatarGeneratorTool.PNG|thumb|right|450px|Avatar Generator Tool - Options dialogue]]
* The '''{{man label|Options''' }} tab is displayed with the following:** {{man label|Category :}} - Filter: '''single image mode''' or '''male/female/unknown'''** {{man label|Unknown :}} - Image Selection: image selection used for all people with option '''single image mode''' or people with unknown gender with option '''male/female/unknown'''** {{man label|Male :}} - Image Selection: image selection for males (only used with option '''male/female/unknown''')** {{man label|Female :}} - Image Selection: image selection for females (only used with option '''male/female/unknown''')** {{man label|Person Filter: }} - '''Entire Database'''(default)** Filter {{man label|Center Person: }} defaults to the Active Person.** * {{man label|[ ] Remove images from people: }} False (default)checkbox.
Once you have made your choices the image or images that should be attached as avatar images, you can either choose {{man button|Close}} or {{man button|Execute}} to apply the change.
Furthermore, it is possible to remove images from a group of filtered persons. In order to do so, the Avatar Generator Tool searches through the selected list of filtered people and removes the chosen image or images.
==See also==* [ &#91;GraphView&#93; add custom avatars #459]<br />[ Themed avatar discussion]

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