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Package Maintainers
= Administration =
;Administrator - : Brian Matherly ;Architect - : Nick Hall ;Webmaster - : Sam Manzi
= Package Maintainers =
Debian - Ross Gammon;Apple MacOS: John Ralls
Mac - John Ralls;Microsoft Windows (64 bit): Paul Culley;Microsoft Windows (32 bit): Paul Culley
Windows ;Debian(64 bitLinux) - Josip Pisoj: Ross Gammon Windows ;Flatpak(32 bitLinux) - Paul Culley: [[User:OzarkShepherd|Scott Mackay]];Other Distributions: The following page might be useful if you want to know what version of Gramps is being distributed where, to contact the person/team, and see what patches they might have added:
= [[Portal:Translators|Translators]] =
{{Developers/box-header|''Existing Translationsand name of active translator if any.''|Gramps translations}} == Translators Vacancies == We have known vacancies for Hebrew and Turkish translators.
We would = See also like some short-term help with the Greek translation.=* [[Contact]]

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