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* Active community involvement. Many current Gramps users contribute reports, suggestions, and feedback to the developers through various the supported public mailing lists. The Gramps program is only a few has been available for over 14 years old and already has wide many features and capabilities and features.
* Active development effort. New versions already in testing use an advanced database design that guarantee very fast access to many thousands of entries in the database. Other new features are being designed and coordinated by several active developers. Many additional participants assist through the mailing lists. Group effort shapes and tests Gramps constantly improving functionality and usability.
* Portable. Gramps is written in a computer language called Python using GTK and GNOME libraries. While only well supported in certain Unix and Linux environments, these are multi-platform development libraries, meaning that Gramps can be ported to any platform the required libraries are ported to.
* Free Software/Open Source development model means Gramps can be extended by any programmer since all of the source code is freely available under its license.
* Gramps is freely distributable distributed under the GPL!

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