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Report specifications

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[[Category:Plugins]]* [[Familylines_plugin|FamilyLines]] -- Generates smaller family trees, with many options to try and restrict the number of people included. ===Text Reports===* [[Ahnentafel Report]] -- textual ancestral report* [[Birthday Report]] -- birthday and anniversary report* [[Complete Individual Report]] --- complete info on people* [[DescendantReport]] -- list of descendants* [[Detailed Ancestor Report]]* [[Detailed Descendant Report]]* [[Family Group Report]] -- info on a set of parents and their children ===View===* [[Count Ancestors]] -- counts number of ancestors* [[Summary Report]] -- provides a summary of database ===Web Page===* [[Gramps_3.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports#Web_Page|Narrative website]] -- web pages for individuals ==Proposed Reports==If you have a proposal for a report, make a feature request at If you want to add a detailed report specification to your proposal, add it to [[Portal:Enhancement Proposals]], REDIRECT [[:Category:Proposed Report Specifications]].

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