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Addon:GEDCOM Extensions

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== Usage ==
[[File:Export-GEDCOM-Extensions-export-options-dialog-gramps42.png|right|400px|Checkbox enabled for "Include witnesses" associated with a family event.]] To run the exporter, select {{man menu|Family Trees > Export..}}, press {{man button|Next}}, on the {{man label|Choose the output format}} dialog select {{man label|"GEDCOM Extensions (GED2)"}}, press {{man button|Next}}. Select On the {{man label|Export options}} dialog select the relevant optionsGEDCOM extension option:* {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include witnesses}} - (checked by default) Exports witnesses associated with a family event , and the data should be exported to a file with the extension ".ged2".
Afterwards, you can change the extension from ".ged2" to ".ged" and treat as a normal GEDCOM file.

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