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{{languages|Build from source}}{{out of datestub}}This page provides access to descriptions of how How to build Gramps from source. It  This page is intended for developers, packagers and advanced users.
== Linux ==
Gramps 45.1.x is the main current version and is available in packaged form for most distributions.
Gramps 3.4.x is the legacy version, that has different requirements.
The latest version of MacPorts Gramps is '''{{version_MacPort}}'''.
The latest official unstable fink version is '''[ 3.0.4]''' for Mac OS X 10.5 on both PPC and Intel. There is currently no official stable fink version of Gramps. (As at February 2012)
Instructions for building the pre-built binary version (Mac OX X Application package) are given at [[Mac OS X:Build from source:Application package]]. Some discussion about earlier attempts is at [[Mac OS X:Build from source:gtk-osx]] with bugs reported at [[Mac OS X:Build from source:gtk-osx:bugs]]
* For FreeBSD use the [ /usr/ports/science/gramps] port. In case of error on FreeBSD 8.0, read ticket #{{bug|3228}}.
* For OpenBSD use the [ gramps port]
* Installing on BSD is as straightforward as on Linux, apart from some minor issues like tools having different names. See the [[BSD Platformsplatforms|BSD pageplatforms]] page for details.
* Gramps has been successfully installed from source on both Solaris 10 (SPARC) and OpenSolaris X86 (2008.05). Please see the [[Solaris Platforms|Solaris page]] for step-by-step details.
Gramps can run fine on some small-factor devices. Users have been successful in using Gramps on:
* [[Gramps on the Eee|Asus Eee PC]]
* [http Gramps Mobile Interface – part I] & [http part II]
== Additional software Gramps can benefit from ==

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