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Addon:GEDCOM Extensions

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This Addon (available for Gramps 4.0 and higher) has a collection of unofficial GEDCOM extensions which extend Gramps GedcomWriter to include common non-compliant GEDCOM additions. If the feature you want is not listed below, then you can either add it yourself, or ask a developer to help you.
The code is in the Addon [{{-project/addons-source/blob/master/GedcomExtensions/ addons-source/blob/master/GedcomExtensions/].}}
= Export GEDCOM Extensions =
= See also =
The code is in the Addon [ addons-source/blob/master/GedcomExtensions/].
* {{bug|8094}} GedcomExtension to export family event secondary participant if role in CELEBRANT, INFORMANT, CLERGY, AIDE, CUSTOM
* {{bug|8093}} Wrong level for witnesses in GedcomExtension, and export
== Others projects ==

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