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Addon:GEDCOM Extensions

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{{Third-party plugin}}
[[File:GEDCOM Extensions GED2 Export Assistant gramps.png|right|300px400px|"GEDCOM Extensions (GED2)" option selected in Export_Assistant (Gramps 4.1.3, Ubuntu 14.04.2)]]
This Addon (available for Gramps 4.0 and higher) has a collection of unofficial GEDCOM extensions which extend Gramps GedcomWriter to include common non-compliant GEDCOM additions. If the feature you want is not listed below, then you can either add it yourself, or ask a developer to help you.
* Exports witnesses associated with a family event
== Running the Exporter Usage ==
To run the exporter, select {{man menu|Family Trees > Export..}}, press {{man button|Next}}, select {{man label|"Gedcom GEDCOM Extensions(GED2)"}}. Select the relevant options, and the data should be exported to a file with the extension ".ged2".
{{man warn|Warning|There is no associated .ged2 importer in Gramps, so the {{man menu|export is one-way only (out of Gramps)}}. It should be possible for someone to also write an associated GEDCOM importer to handle the extensions to bring them into Gramps as well.}}

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