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The '''Surname, Given''' entry is a combined entry for just the surname and given names, separated by a comma. If you need more fine grained editing on the name (for example, you need to add a suffix or prefix), you can use the Edit icon once a person has been selected as the active person.
The '''Death''' and '''Birth''' lines for both the ''Active person'' and ''New person'' are also a combined entry, allowing you to enter a date and place. The date (if one) is entered first in any format available to your GRAMPS Gramps installation, followed by the word "in" (in your language) and the location (if one). For example, the following are all valid entries for the birth or death entries:
* Jan 1, 1867 in Kingsport, TN
If a location has been previously used, then it will share that location with the others. If it is new, it will be created.
A new person can be automatically added as a relation to the active person. You can add the new person as a parent, spouse, sibling, or child. The gramplet will guess at the best place to add the person. For example, it will add the new person to the first family available. The gramplet will also try to discern gender where needed, guessing that the "father" spouse of a family is male, and the "mother" spouse is female. If these guesses are incorrect, you should add your new person via the normal GRAMPS Gramps data entry method.
If you would like to bring up the standard Edit Person window for the active person, simply click on the Edit button to the right of the Active person's name. If you would like to bring up the standard Edit Family window for the active person, click the Edit button to the right of the word "Family:" on the top row. This will bring up the first/primary family (if the active person is a parent in a family) or will bring up the active person's parent's family, if it is known.
To undo a change, use the menu {{man menu|Edit ->Undo History...}} option.
You can download this plugin by following the directions at [[Third-party Plugins]].

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