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Censuses of genealogical interest
Before the independance, censuses where done by the ruling order, eg 1829 under Dutch rule.
==== Canada ====
The first census in Canada was taken by Jean Talon in 1666, when the age, sex, marital status and occupation of the colony's 3,215 inhabitants were recorded. From then, until 1871, 98 colonial or regional censuses were taken.
The first national census of Canada was taken in 1871 as required by the British North American Act. The act also required that a census be taken every ten years, a practice that was faithfully followed through 1951. Since 1951, censuses have been taken every five years, following a practice begun in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1906.
Personal details of Canadian censuses are sealed by law for 95 years. Hence, the most current Canadian census currently available for viewing is the 1911 census. The censuses of 1851-1852 (regional), 1871, 1881, 1901, 1906 (prairie provinces) and 1911 are available online at various levels of detail. Other censuses are available through Canadian Archive offices.
==== The Netherlands ====
Indexes to some of the U.S. Censuses have been produced over the years, making the process of searching old census records much easier. Now, some are available online.
== Examples ==

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