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Report API

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[[Image:Doc_paper.png|thumbnailright|thumb|400px]] Description of the paper, which every report will be rendered on, is stored by an instance of the [ PaperStyle class]. This instance is available via the <tt>BaseDoc.paper_style</tt> class attribute. The chosen PaperStyle is given to the document generator at initialization, and is handled by the reporting framework.
The <tt>PaperStyle</tt> holds information on the size of the paper ([ PaperSize class] instance), the size of the margins, and the orientation of the paper. Use the proper accessor methods to get the values. To get the metrics of the usable area of a paper (page without the margins) one can also use the [ PaperStyle.get_usable_width] and [ PaperStyle.get_usable_height] convenience methods. Width and height are always given according to the orientation of the paper, thus width is always the horizontal, and height is always the vertical dimension.
The origin of the coordinate system is the top left corner of the usable area.
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==Text document API==

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