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Brief introduction to SVN

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say what SVN stands for Subversion and add a few helpfull links (at least for me!)
The development source code of Gramps is stored in the SVN (Subversion) repository at sourceforge
This helps synchronizing changes from various developers, tracking changes, managing releases, etc. If you are reading this, you probablywant to do one of two things with SVN: either download the latest source or the development version, or else upload your changes (if you have write access to the repository) or [[Brief_introduction_to_SVN#Making_a_patchfile|make a patchfile]] (if you don't have write access).
* All developers should read Gramps [[Committing policies]]
the [ online interface].
==External links==*[ Apache™ Subversion®]*[ Version Control with Subversion]*[ Source control in ten minutes: a Subversion tutorial]

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