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3.0 Roadmap

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[[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Developers/Roadmap]] The next version 3.0 of GRAMPS will be was a major release. The 2.2.x code is now in bug-fix only mode.First beta versions of GRAMPS 3.0 should appear in late 2007 or early 2008.
==Towards 3.0==
**rewrite of export options (on all exports, not only GEDCOM) - '''in progress'''
* New Display Name format options (keywords, common name) - '''completed-Doug'''
** No need for description - '''in progresscompleted-Doug'''* New birth/death date estimator tool (adds CAL dates for primary events based on probably alive estimates) - '''in progressfirst draft completed-Doug'''
* Date comparisons in filters now works (supports ranges and about) - '''completed-Doug'''
=== Documentation ===
* Update online manual texts - '''in progress'''
** Update online manual screenshots - '''in progress'''
* Update tool-tips -
=== Testing ===
See [ TODO] file in SVN.
From the [http[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Developers/ ChangeLogRoadmap]] you can see much is implemented already.

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