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==Ominausuudet GRAMPS Gramps 3.0 ==
* Helppo käyttöinen.Hyvin suunnitektu käyttöliittymä tekee käytöstä helppoa. Browser like controls allow you to navigate your family tree with ease.
* Nine different views for navigating your family:
* Bookmark favorite individuals for quick access. (The number able to be marked is unlimited)
* Custom filters. In addition to the numerous preset filters, create any number of selections based on interesting facts about your family to use for reports and data exports.
* Link any media or filetype to your GRAMPS Gramps family tree. Choose between copying or linking the file to the database.
* Privacy options allow restriction of any information marked with this option or information about living individuals. Data marked with this option can be excluded in reports and data exports.
* Multiple calendars and date ranges are supported. You can convert between Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, French republican, Perzian and Islamic calendars from within GRAMPS Gramps via the Date selection window, and you can use fuzzy dates like about 1874, estimated 1905, ...
* Multiple languages and cultures support is mature.
** Translations exist for 24 languages (See the [[Gramps_translations]])
** GRAMPS Gramps has been designed so that new translations can easily be added with little development effort. If you are interested in participating please contact us.
** Relationship calculators available in four languages
** Full unicode support. Characters for all languages are properly displayed.
* Multiple styles of reports are currently available by default. Users can also create their own custom styles.
* Eight output formats are supported by GRAMPSGramps: PDF, AbiWord, KWord, OpenOffice Writer, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), Latex, and plain text.
* Custom reports can be created by advanced users under the "plugin" system which allows the sharing of custom report styles between users.
* Book report allows the user to collect a variety of reports in a single document, which in turn is easier to distribute.
* Box and Fan charts are available, see eg [[Howto: Make a relationship chart | here]].
* Multiple formats are supported by GRAMPS Gramps for charts and graphs: OpenOffice Draw, PDF, PostScript, and SVG.
* Custom charts can be created by users. We hope to add more in the near future through the contributions of users and developers.
Import/Export support for serveral different formats.
* GEDCOM import and export. Extensive support for the industry standard GEDCOM version 5.5 so you can exchange GRAMPS Gramps information to and from users of most other genealogy programs.* GRAMPS Gramps package import and export. A compressed file containing your family tree data and any other files used. Useful for backup or sharing with other GRAMPS Gramps users.
* Export to CD Burner. Export data and media directly to the GNOME file manager (Nautilus) for burning to CD.
* Web Family Tree export. Web Family Tree (WFT) allows you to display your family tree online with only a single file, instead of many html files the web page report generates. See [ their homepage] for more information.
* Active community involvement. Many current GRAMPS Gramps users contribute reports, suggestions, and feedback to the developers through various public mailing lists. The program is only a few years old and already has wide capabilities and features.* Active development effort. New versions already in testing use an advanced database design that guarantee very fast access to many thousands of entries in the database. Other new features are being designed and coordinated by several active developers. Many additional participants assist through the mailing lists. Group effort shapes and tests GRAMPS Gramps constantly improving functionality and usability.* Portable. GRAMPS Gramps is written in a computer language called Python using GTK and GNOME libraries. While only well supported in certain Unix and Linux environments, these are multi-platform development libraries, meaning that GRAMPS Gramps can be ported to any platform the required libraries are ported to.* Free Software/Open Source development model means GRAMPS Gramps can be extended by any programmer since all of the source code is freely available under its license.* GRAMPS Gramps is freely distributable under the GPL!
== Checklist ==
|English, Czech, Danish, German, Esperanto, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish
|Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Esperanto, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese

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