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Add a child

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If you wish to add a child to a new family (a family that does not yet exist in the database), click on the {{man button|Add}} button on the toolbar. This will bring up an Edit Family form. On this form, you may add parents and children.
= Adding other informations =
== Adding an occupation or other special informations ==
It is sometimes indicated in old documents that the person's activity was brewer, nails maker, woodchoper, ...
Edit the person and select the Attribute Tab. There add a new Attribute to add & select the wished information type you want to add
== Adding a special link to a person ==
=== Adding a god father / mother ===
Edit the person and select the Associations Tab.
Add a new association of type 'Godfather'
The easiest is to first create the person to which one has a special relationship with and then add the association.
Add a person Surname, NAME to your database.

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