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Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Opening a Family Tree: Added TODO for when remaining manual more advanced
If a family tree contains archives (snapshots of previous version), you will be able to open them too by the same procedure.
GRAMPS allows you to open certain databases that have not been saved in GRAMPS' own file format from the command line. '''TODO link to page explaining how.''' These include XML and GEDCOM databases. But you should be aware that if the XML or GEDCOM database is relatively large, you will encounter performance problems, and in the event of a crash your data can be corrupted. Hence, it is best to always create a new family tree by creating a new GRAMPS family tree (database) and importing your XML/GEDCOM data into it.
{{man note| Opening databases |XML and GEDCOM databases require all data to be held in memory and don't contain indexes. GRAMPS' native format is a database that only reads the data needed. Thus, for a large family tree the data can be accessed quicker and more efficiently by not using XML or GEDCOM.}}

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