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Ajouter un enfant

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Comment ajouter des jumeaux/triplés/etc ?
When you look at the list of children in a family, those with the same birthdate are obviously twins. But if you don't know the birthdate, or only know the year, you need some other way to indicate the relationship. You can do this by having them share a single birth event.
Take for example, the twins Thomas and Peter. When you create the Birth event for Thomas, make the {{man label|Description}} say "Birth of Thomas and Peter". Then add a reference to that same event to Peter's event list, either by drag and drop, or by using the bouton {{man button|Share an existing eventPartager un événement existant}} button. Set the {{man label|Rôle}} for that event for both people to "Principal".
Now when you view the event list for either Thomas or Peter, you will see the {{man label|Description}} reminding you that they are twins. And as you add details such as birth date to the birth event for either of them, those details will automatically display for the other as well.

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