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Ajouter un enfant

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Ajout d'un enfant depuis la vue Familles
[[image:Edit-family.png|right|thumb|250px| Family view]]
If you wish to add a child to an existing family from the Family View, find the Family in the displayed list. You may either select the family by clicking on the bouton {{man button|EditÉdition}} button in the toolbardans la barre d'outils, or double-clicking on the family in the list. This will display the Edit Family form for this person. At this point, you may add the child.
If you wish to add a child to a new family (a family that does not yet exist in the database), click on the bouton {{man button|AddAjouter}} button on the toolbardans la barre d'outils. This will bring up an Edit Family form. On this form, you may add parents and children.
= Comment ajouter des jumeaux/triplés/etc ? =

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