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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Moving a Gramps 2.2 databases to Gramps 3.x
There are two ways of moving your Gramps data from version 2.2 to version 3.x; either directly importing your version 2.2 grdb file or by exporting to Gramps [[XML]] format first. Because of complexity in the way that version 2.2 stores data, exporting to Gramps [[XML]] is usually the most convenient and problem free way of moving your data to Gramps version 3.x.
*'''Import 2.2 grdb file''': In a Gramps 2.2 database, your data is stored in a grdb file along with '''one or more log files that are kept in directories''' in directories found in the .gramps/env directory. To import your 2.2 data directly into Gramps 3, create a new database and select the option to import a Gramps 2.2 database. You need to make sure that you are running Gramps 3 from the same user you used to run Gramps 2.2 so that it has access to the same .gramps/env directory containing the log files that supplement your database. If you are running Gramps 3 from a different user or on another machine you need to make provisions to make the same .gramps/env directory and log files available. If you get an error saying "/tmp/tmpDkI5pO could not be opened" or something similar when attempt to import your database then it means that Gramps 3 cannot see all of the files that constitute your database.
*'''Gramps [[XML]]''': With this approach firstly start up Gramps 2.2 and export your database to the Gramps [[XML]] format. The [[XML]] file is actually '''compressed''' and contained in a .gramps file. This file is portable, has no other dependent files and can be moved to wherever you have Gramps 3 installed. Next, start Gramps 3 and create an empty database using the Family Tree Manager and import the .gramps file.

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