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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Export into Gramps formats
{{man warn|Privacy Filters |It is important to verify your privacy options on Exporter. Do not enable filters or privacy options for Gramps XML backups.}}
*Gramps [[XML]] database export (.gramps): This format is the standard format for data-exchange and backups (see the related .gpkg format below for full portability including media objects). Exporting into Gramps [[XML ]] format will produce a portable database. As [[XML]] is a text-based human-readable format, you may also use it to take a look at your data. This format is compatible with the previous versions of Gramps.
*Gramps package export (.gpkg): Exporting to the Gramps package format will create a compressed file that contains the Gramps XML database and copies of all associated media files. This is useful if you want to move your database to another computer or to share it with someone.

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