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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Exporting data: identical image
{{man note| Export is saving a copy |When you export, you are saving a copy of the currently opened database. Exporting creates another file with a copy of your data. Note that the database that remains opened in your Gramps window is NOT the file saved by your export. Additional editing of the currently opened database will not alter the copy produced by the export.}}
To export data, choose Menu {{man menu|Family Trees ->Export...}} . This will bring up the {{man label|Export Assistant}}. Its pages will guide you through the format selection (see Fig 3.4 [[Image:export-druid.png|Fig.3.4]] 5), file selection, and format specific export options. After a final confirmation page, the export will be performed according to the choices you have made. At any time, you can click the {{man button|Back}} button and revise any selection, and then go forward to redo the export.
===Filters and privacy===

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